Norway Parliamentary Election 2013

Sept. 9, 2013, midnight

Voters in Norway elected 169 members to the Parliament (Storting) on Monday. Parliamentary elections in Norway are contested in 19 multi-member districts under an open-list proportional system, with seats allotted using the Sainte-Laguё method. Incumbent Prime Minister Jens STOLTENBERG’s Labour Party / Arbeiderpartiet (A) won the most seats in the elections, securing 55 seats with 874,799 votes (30.84 percent). Despite securing the most votes in the election, the Red-Green electoral coalition led by the Labour Party / Arbeiderpartiet failed to secure a majority in the new Parliament, as coalition partners the Centre Party / Senterpartiet (S) and the Socialist Left Party / Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV) won 10 and 7 seats respectively. The election loss will bring an end to 12 years in power for the coalition, with the Conservative Coalition, led by the Conservative Party / Høyre (H). The Conservative Party / Høyre, led by Erna SOLBERG received 760,261 votes in the election (26.81 percent). Coalition partner, the Progress Party / Freskrittspartiet finished third in the polls with 463,525 votes (16.34 percent), giving them 29 seats in the new Parliament. Overall, parties in the Conservative Coalition won a parliamentary majority of 96 seats. In the election, 2,848,824 Norwegians (78.23 percent of registered voters) cast a ballot, with 2,836,141 being deemed as valid votes (99.55 percent).

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