Mali Presidential Election 2013 First Round

July 28, 2013, midnight

The first round of voting for the President of Mali was held on July 28 to replace former President Amadou Toumani TOURÉ, who had been overthrown in a military coup in March 2012. In the first round of election, 28 candidates put forward their candidacy, and if no candidate received an absolute majority of votes, a run-off election would be held two weeks later. Ibrahim Boubacar KEÏTA, formerly the Prime Minister of Mali from 1994 to 2000, won the most votes in the first round, earning 1,222,657 votes (39.23 percent). Since KEÏTA did not receive an absolute majority, a run-off will be held on Sunday, August 11. In the second round of voting, KEÏTA will compete against Soumaïla CISSÉ, who had previously served as the President of the Commission of the West African Monetary Union. In the first round of the election, CISSÉ received 605,901 votes (19.44 percent). In the first round of the election, 3,520,242 (51.54 percent) of Malians cast their ballots, setting a record for voter turnout. Since the release of the results from the first round, 20 candidates have thrown their support behind KEÏTA in the second round.

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