Kuwait Parliament 2013

July 27, 2013, midnight

Kuwaiti citizens voted to elect 50 members to the National Assembly / Majlis al-Umma. This election was called after the December 2012 election was invalidated by the Constitutional Court, who stated that the electoral law was amended too close to the election date. The election was held under the new electoral law, which allows citizens to vote for only 1 candidate, whereas previously they could vote for up to 4. As political parties are illegal in Kuwait, all candidates run as independents. Candidates associated with tribal groups won 24 seats in the election, maintaining their previous total. Candidates associated with liberal movements won 3 seats in the election. Candidates associated with the minority Shia Muslim group, won 8 seats, a decrease from the 17 they won in the December polls. Sunni Muslim candidates increased their seat total from 5 to 7. Voter turnout for the election was 51.9 percent, with 228,314 Kuwaitis casting a ballot.

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