Togo Parliamentary 2013 Results

July 25, 2013, midnight

Legislative elections were held last Thursday in Togo to elect 91 members to the National Assembly / Assemblée Nationale. Since the last election in 2007, the size of the National Assembly was increased from 81 seats to 91 seats, with members elected by proportional representation in 30 multi-member constituencies. The ruling Union for the Republic (UNIR) / Union pour la République, led by President Faure GNASSINGBÉ, increased their majority in the legislature from 50 seats to 62, having received 557,040 votes (41.28 percent). The Union of Forces of Change (UFC) / Union des Forces de Changement, which had served as the main opposition party, lost all but 3 of their 27 seats in the National Assembly, earning 94,839 votes (7.03 percent). The main opposition party will now be the Save Togo Group/ Collectif Sauvons le Togo, which won 464,955 votes (34.45 percent) in the election, and will have 19 seats in the new National Assembly. In the election, 1,428,683 Togolese citizens voted (46.93 percent of registered voters), of which 1,349,469 were valid votes (94.46 percent).

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