Togo Parliamentary 2013

July 25, 2013, midnight

Long delayed parliamentary elections in Togo are due to take place next Thursday. Originally scheduled for October 2012, the elections have been delayed by protests and strikes asking for electoral reforms. A new electoral law was enacted prior to the originally scheduled poll date, changing the electoral system for the National Assembly / Assembl�e Nationale. Voters in Togo will now elect 91 members to the National Assembly / Assembl�e Nationale through closed-list proportional representation, in 30 multi-member constituencies, with magnitudes ranging from 2 to 10.

The government and opposition parties have begun campaigning, and efforts have been made to iron out sticking points between the two sides. Talks between the two sides are continue, being mediated by United States Ambassador Robert WHITEHEAD and Catholic Bishop Nicodeme BARRIGAH. As a result of these talks, three jailed opposition candidates have been freed; however, concerns remain over the composition of the electoral commission.

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