Mongolia Pres May 2013

June 26, 2013, midnight

Mongolian voters went to the polls on Wednesday to elect their President. The election featured three candidates, with the campaign largely focused on how to distribute the country’s mineral wealth fairly. Preliminary results show that President Tsakhiagiin ELBEGDORJ of the Democratic Party / Ardchilsan Nam won the election with 622,794 votes (50.23 percent), narrowly avoiding a run-off. Finishing second in the election was Badmaanyambuugiin BAT-ERDINE of the Mongolian People’s Party / Mongol Ardiin Nam with 520,380 votes (41.97 percent). Natsag UDVAL, candidate for the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party / Mongol Ardyn Khuvsgalt Nam, a breakaway from the Mongolian People’s Party, finished third in the election, receiving 80,563 votes (6.5 percent). Preliminary vote totals show that 1,239,784 Mongolians (66.49 percent) participated in the election. The General Election Commission will release the official results once all ballots have been returned to Ulaanbaatar and checked a second time.

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