Albania Parliamentary June 2013

June 23, 2013, midnight

Voters will cast their ballots this Sunday in Albania to elect 140 members of the Parliament. Members of the Parliament are elected through closed-list proportional representation in 12 multi-member constituencies, corresponding to the country’s 12 administrative districts. To win a seat in Parliament, individual political parties must attain at least 3 percent of the vote in the district, or if participating as a coalition, they must attain at least 5 percent. The Ministry of Interior has announced that there are 3,270,936 voters registered to vote in the election.

66 parties will participate in the election; however, 62 parties have joined the two main electoral coalitions. The Alliance for Employment, Prosperity and Integration / Aleanca pёr Punёsim, Mirёqenie dhe Integrim consists of 25 parties, led by current Prime Minister Sali BERISHA. Members of the electoral coalition include the center-right Democratic Party of Albania, the Republican Party of Albania, and the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity, among others. The opposition has formed the Alliance for a European Albania / Aleanca pёr Shqipёrinё Evropiane, a broad tent coalition of 37 parties led by the former Mayor of Tirana, Edi RAMA. Members of the electoral coalition include the center-left Socialist Party of Albania, in addition to the Socialist Movement for Integration and the Unity for Human Rights Party, among others. Four non-aligned parties will contest the election; including the Red and Black Alliance, a nationalist party led by Kreshnik SPAHIU, and the New Democratic Spirit, a center-right party led by former President Bamir TOPI. There are also three independent candidates running in the elections.  Results of the election will be announced no later five days from the declaration of results from each electoral administration zone.


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