Cayman Islands (May 22, 2013)

May 22, 2013, midnight

Voters in the Cayman Islands went to the polls on Wednesday to fill eighteen seats in the Legislative Assembly. The election returned to power the People’s Progressive Movement (PPM), led by attorney Alden MCLAUGHLIN.  The PPM won 21,859 votes (39.85 percent), and will have nine seats in the new Legislative Assembly, leaving them one short of an absolute majority. The United Democratic Party (UDP), led by former Premier McKeeva BUSH will have three seats, having won 15,516 votes (28.29 percent). The People’s National Alliance (PNA), comprised of former members of the UDP, which had been serving as the caretaker government since December, won one seat after gaining 3,436 votes (6.26 percent). Independent candidates and members of the non-partisan Coalition for Cayman won 14,042 votes (25.59 percent) and will have five seats in the new Legislative Assembly. Turnout for the election was high, with 14,760 of 18,492 registered voters (79.82 percent) casting ballots. Although the PPM fell short of an outright majority, they are looking to partner with the independent candidates to form a government.

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