Nauru Parliamentary Election 2013

June 8, 2013, midnight

Voters in Nauru cast their ballots on Saturday to elect 19 members to Parliament. Parliament had been dismissed May 23, by Speaker Godfrey THOMA, in an effort to end Parliamentary gridlock. Last year, the election law had been amended, allowing for the creation of an additional seat in Parliament, in an effort to prevent future 9-9 votes in Parliament. A record 68 candidates contested the elections in 8 districts across Nauru, which uses the Dowdall system for their elections. Of the 19 candidates elected, 12 were incumbents in Parliament. The election also saw the election of the second female to serve in Nauru’s Parliament, with Charmaine SCOTTY received the most votes in the Yaren constituency. In the election, 5,528 Nauruans (96.91 percent) cast their ballots, with 5,349 Nauruans (96.76 percent) casting valid ballots. In the first session of the Parliament on June 11, 2013, Baron WAQA was elected president in a vote of 13 in favor, and 5 opposed.

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