Switzerland Referendums June 2013

June 9, 2013, midnight

Voters in Switzerland cast ballots in a referendum and an initiative on Sunday. The referendum asked voters whether they wanted to approve Parliament’s new procedure on expediting and streamlining the asylum process. Voters overwhelmingly approved the referendum, with 1,572,690 voters (78.45 percent) approving the referendum, and only 432,068 Swiss citizens (21.55 percent) voting against. Overall, 2,004,758 Swiss voters (38.8 percent) participated in the referendum. In a second poll, voters rejected a popular initiative to hold direct elections for the 7-member Federal Council.� Out of the 2,030,193 voters (39.29 percent), only 480,477 (23.67 percent) voted in favor of the initiative, while 1,549,716 voters (76.33 percent) opposed the initiative.

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