April 27, 2013, midnight

Iceland’s center-right opposition parties returned to power in parliamentary elections held on April 27, 2013. Iceland’s conservative Independence Party (IP) / Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn and center-right leaning Progressive Party (PP) / Framsóknarflokkurinn won 19 seats each in the 63-seat parliament. Both parties are expected to form a coalition government. Parties to the left performed poorly, with the ruling the Social Democratic Alliance (SDA) / Samfylkingin losing 11 seats, and the Left-Green Movement (LGM) / Vinstrihreyfingin - grænt framboð  losing 7.  An unexpected victor in this election was the newly formed Pirate Party of Iceland/ Píratar, which won 3 seats. The rise of conservative parties in Iceland is often attributed to the ruling coalition’s financial management during the 2008 economic crisis, and government austerity measures implemented in conjunction with a 2.1 billion dollar IMF loan.

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