Malta Parliamentary

March 9, 2013, midnight

Citizens of Malta voted in a parliamentary election on March 9, 2013 to fill 65 seats in its parliament, the House of Representatives. These elections brought the left-wing opposition, the Labor Party/ Partit Laburista (PL) back into power after almost 15-years of Nationalist Party/ Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) rule.  The Nationalist Party has governed Malta since 1987, excluding two years of Labor Party rule from 1996-1998. Labor Party leader Joseph MUSCAT was sworn in as Prime Minister after his party won a majority (55 percent of votes, 39 seats) and ousted the Nationalist Party (43 percent of votes, 28 seats). Following the Labor and Nationalist parties was the Democratic Alternative, which won less than 2 percent of votes (0 seats). Since 1950, no third party candidate has succeeded in winning parliamentary seats. Malta’s parliament has traditionally been dominated by two parties, the Labor and Nationalist parties, and up until this election the difference in the number of seats between both parties was less than five seats.

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