Djibouti Parliamentary 2013

Feb. 22, 2013, midnight

Citizens of Djibouti headed to the polls on February 22, 2013 to elect a parliament. Preliminary results show that Omar GEULLEH’s Union for a Presidential Majority/ Union pour la majorité présidentielle (UMP) captured 49.39 percent of votes, which translates into 49 out of the National Assembly’s 65 seats.  Prior to the election, the UMP held all 65 seats in parliament.  Other parties winning seats include the major opposition party, The Union for National Salvation/ Union pour le Salut National (USN) (47.61 percent), and the Center for Unified Democrats / Le Centre des Démocrates Unifiés (CDU) (3 percent).  The USN has rejected the election results on allegations of fraud, sparking a series of protests against UMP rule. GUELLEH is Djibouti’s second president, since the country gained independence from France in 1977.

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