Italy Parliamentary 2013

Feb. 24, 2013, midnight

Italians voted in parliamentary elections, held on February 24, 2013.  Major coalitions in the race included former Prime Minister Silvio BERLUSCONI’s Center-Right Coalition/ L'alleanza di Centro-Destra, Mario MONTI’s centrist Civic Choice / Scelta Civica, comedian Beppe GRILLO’s anti-status quo Five Star Movement/ Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S), and the center-left leaning Italy. Common Good/ Italia. Bene Comune led by Pier Luigi BERSANI. In the 630-seat lower house (the Chamber of Deputies), the party with the most votes wins 55 percent of the chamber’s seats. BERSANI’s Italy. Common Good won 29.55 percent of the vote (340 seats), The Center-Right Coalition followed with 29.18 percent (124 seats), the Five Star Movement won 25.55 percent (108 seats), and Civic Choice won 10.56 percent (45 seats).  In the350-seat Senate, although BERLUSCONI’s Center Right Coalition gained the most seats (116) no party was able to gain a majority.  In a population of 46, 905, 154 registered voters, turnout was high at 75.19 percent.

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