Lichtenstein (February 1, 2013)

Feb. 1, 2013, midnight

Liechtensteiners voted on February 1 and 3 to elect twenty-five members of the Diet. With all of the votes having been counted, the Progressive Citizen’s Party gained the most votes with 77,653 votes (40 percent), which will result in 10 seats in the Diet. The ruling Patriotic Union lost their Parliamentary majority, gaining only 65,119 votes (33.5 percent), which means they will have 8 seats in the new Diet. A new party, led by former member of the Patriotic Union, Harry QUADERER, surprised many by receiving 29,740 votes (15.3 percent) and 4 seats in the Diet. The leftist-green Free List won 2 seats in the Diet after receiving 21,603 votes (11.1 percent).  A total of 15,363 Liechtensteiners (79.8 percent) participated in the election.

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