Peaceful Protests in Mexico

July 22, 2012, midnight

An estimated 30,000 people marched in Mexico City on Sunday to peacefully protest the results of the July 1 presidential elections, in which Enrique PEÑA NIETO claimed victory. The protests were called by the student movement “Yo soy 132" (I am 132), who have accused PEÑA NIETO of vote buying. PEÑA NIETO has rejected all charges of fraud but has promised to be respectful of protestors as long as they remain peaceful. The protests also attracted supporters of runner up Andres Manuel LOPEZ OBRADOR, who is challenging PEÑA NIETO's victory in the Federal Electoral Tribunal. The electoral court has until early September to rule on the validity of the elections and officially declare a winner. According to results, PEÑA NIETO won with approximately 38 percent of the vote while LOPEZ OBRADOR came in second place with approximately 32 percent.

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