Nepal Elections May be Delayed

July 22, 2012, midnight

Lack of political consensus may delay Nepal’s upcoming election, which would be the country’s first since 2008. After the Constituent Assembly failed to meet the latest deadline to draft a constitution by May 28, the body was dissolved and caretaker Prime Minister Baburam BHATTARAI called for elections to take place on November 22. Opposition parties have rejected the date and called for BHATTARAI’s resignation. The Election Commission, Nepal set a deadline of July 22 for the government to provide the necessary constitutional and legal framework to move forward with elections. This deadline has since been extended by one week. If November 22 elections are not possible, March 2013 is the next likely date. After the decade long civil war that was ended with a 2006 peace agreement, Nepal held elections in 2008 and established the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, abolishing its 239-year-old monarchy.

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