Mexicans Vote in Presidential Election

July 1, 2012, midnight

Mexican voters on Sunday elected Enrique PENA NIETO as president, returning the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to power after twelve years. The PRI had ruled Mexico for 71 years before Mexico’s transition to democracy, but were defeated in the 2000 presidential election. Official results have yet to be announced, but preliminary results show PENA NIETO in first place with approximately 38 percent of the vote, Andres Manuel LOPEZ OBRADOR in second place with approximately 32 percent, and Josefina VÁZQUEZ MOTA of the ruling National Action Party (PAN), the party that ousted the PRI in 2000, in third place with approximately 25 percent of the vote. Presidents in Mexico are elected by plurality vote; the first place finisher wins even if they do not reach an absolute majority.

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