Moldovan Civic Organizations Voice Concern Over Recent Parliamentary Actions

May 15, 2013, 6:42 p.m.

Originally posted at NDI.org on May 10, 2013 Members of Moldovan civil society have joined together to condemn a series of parliamentary actions that would allow parliament to remove constitutional court judges and that raise the threshold for political parties to enter parliament. The organizations cautioned that the laws, passed on May 3 with “excess speed” and with no opportunity for public review or discussion, would have a “negative impact on the rule of law,” and that the new thresholds would “severely limit the rights of voters and of electoral contestants.” They go on to say that amendments allowing parliament to revoke the mandate of Constitutional Court judges are “openly unconstitutional” and “severely affect the principle of separation of powers.” The organizations appeal to President Nicolae Timofti and members of parliament to reject the recent changes and to take steps to foster greater transparency of legislation and public discussion of bills before their passage. They also ask that political parties redirect their focus to political party and campaign finance reform rather than allowing their partisan disagreements to jeopardize the stability of the country. Among the signatories of both statements is Promo-LEX, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which has previously received support from NDI to conduct long and short-term election monitoring in Moldova. Read the statement by the Civil Coalition for Free and Fair Elections on changes to the electoral threshold» Read the statement on changes in the justice system»

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